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Prior Noritake Conventions

2015 22nd Annual NCS Convention – Seattle, Washington

The 2015 Noritake Collectors’ Society convention was held in Lynnwood, Washington from Tuesday September 8th through Friday September 11th. The theme of the convention was MoGa and MoBo; if you are wondering what this means, see David Spain’s article in the Summer 2015 Noritake Newsletter.

2014 20th Annual NCS Convention – Portland, Maine

The 2014 Noritake Collectors’ Society convention was held in Portland, Maine from June 13-16, 2014 at the Airport Embassy Suites, and celebrated with a Maritime theme.

2013 20th Annual NCS Convention – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The 2013 Noritake Collectors’ Society convention was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of NCS conventions.

2012 19th Annual NCS Convention – Orlando, Florida

The 2012 Noritake Collectors’ Society convention was held in Orlando, Florida over the Memorial Day weekend. The theme was “Animals of Florida” and “The Circus”. At the Friday evening ice-breaker, we were first alarmed, and then highly entertained by Chris Sears from Gatorland, who brought several of his friends (scorpion, tarantula, iguana, alligator, python) that helped him present an environmentally-sensitive message about Florida’s wildlife. Audience interaction with the animals was a large part of the fun. Saturday’s presentations, “Noritake Cup & Saucers”, “Meito Ceramics”, and “Noritake Cream & Sugars” were well received. Saturday’s evening banquet was graced by a display of theme-oriented Noritake fancyware, and Monday’s banquet by Noritake rarities. Once again, the auction was well-run by auctioneer Kelly Merryman, and 271 items were sold. A large assortment of Noritake and associated items were raffled off during the evening banquets.

2011 18th Annual NCS Convention – Denver, Colorado

The 2011 Noritake Collectors’ Society Convention was held in Denver, Colorado at the end of July 2011. The theme was "Silver and Gold", which was highlighted by a presentation during the first night’s ice breaker by Colorado historian Duane Smith on Baby Doe Tabor, a remarkable character from Colorado’s early mining days. Presentations the following day included Joane Ferguson’s address on "Colorado Glass", "Oddities and Rarities" by Sally Stefferud, and David Spain’s fine photos of "Art Deco in Japan". As to be expected, the auction was a stunning success with over 300 items changing hands under the urgings of auctioneer Kelly Merryman, who also auctioneered in Grand Rapids in 2010. The evening banquets and business meeting were highlighted by raffles for many Noritake and associated items. The field trip on the last day of the convention was to the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill district.

2010 17th Annual NCS Convention – Grand Rapids, Michigan

The 2010 Noritake Collectors' Society Convention was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was a rousing success. The annual meeting included presentations on Mid-Century-Modern Noritake, Porcelain Geisha designs, and Tulip Motifs on Noritake Porcelain. Nearly 450 Noritake items were sold at the auction, including a blue luster figural lady wall pocket with a butterfly and floral design, a pale green figural lady powder jar, a figural lady perfume, and a black Marygold geisha motif cake plate. Tours to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Meyer House in Grand Rapids, the beautiful and historic Marygold Lodge in Holland, and a talk by John Berry, design scholar and author of Herman Miller: the Purpose of Design, were followed by the closing banquet at the convention hosts’ lovely waterfront home. The evening banquets and business meeting were highlighted by raffles for many Noritake and associated items.

List of Past Conventions

Magnet Fridge 2016 - Alexandria, Virginia USA
2015 - Seattle, Washington USA
2014 - Portland, Maine USA
2013 - Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
2012 - Orlando, Florida USA
2011 - Denver, Colorado USA
2010 - Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
2009 - Phoenix, Arizona USA
2008 - Dublin, Ohio USA
2007 - Cleveland, OH
2006 - Seattle, WA
2005 - Boca Raton, FL
2004 - Chicago, IL
2003 - Hartford, CT
2002 - Los Angeles, CA
2001 - Cleveland, OH
2000 - Portland, OR
1999 - Nashville, TN
1998 - Chicago, IL
1997 - Boston, MA
1996 - Seattle, WA
1995 - Columbus, OH
1994 - Columbus, OH

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