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Welcome to the Noritake Collectors Society

The Noritake Collectors Society (NCS) is a group of collectors and dealers interested in Noritake Fancyware � decorative porcelains produced by the Morimura Bros. Company (known as the Noritake Company) in Nagoya, Japan. Noritake Fancyware includes styles like Nouveau, Art Deco, Luster or Lusterware, and Mid-Century Modern. Production of these pieces ranges from 1910s to 1950s.

Our society provides a way to connect with other avid collectors, authors, and dealers, and share information about these unique collectible pieces. We have members from all over the planet.

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

What's New?

Upcoming Conventions Information about the 2017 NCS Convention in Phoenix Arizona
News NCS By-Law Modifications - Summer 2013
Noritake News A new section with an excerpt from the December 2012 edition of Noritake News (NN)
News Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture 1920-1945
Noritake News A new section with an excerpt from the September 2012 edition of Noritake News (NN)
Noritake News A new section with an excerpt from the June 2012 edition of Noritake News (NN)

Calendar of Events

2016 - March Spring Edition - Noritake News
2016 - Spring Convention Registration packets mailed
2016 - June Summer Edition - Noritake News
2016 - August 26-29 NCS 23rd Annual Convention - Alexandria, Virginia USA
2016 - September Fall Edition - Noritake News
2016 - September NCS Member Directory (included with Fall Noritake News)
2016 - December Winter Edition - Noritake News

Why join the NCS?

Network with other Collectors

You are not the only one who is fascinated by the style, art and glamour of Noritake Art Deco Fancyware. People of all ages and backgrounds have found collecting Noritake exciting, gratifying, and sometimes profitable. You can share your experiences and expertise with others who will appreciate what you have to share.


Besides being virtual members NCS, once a year, the NCS holds a convention that brings interested members together to meet, give or attend lectures, hold business meetings, participate in auctions of Noritake-related items, and dine and socialize together. Field trips related to Noritake, ceramics, or decorative art are sometimes arranged in the host city.

News and Discussions

Four times a year, NCS publishes a newsletter, Noritake News. It contains information about a number of different subjects.

  • What’s happening in the society
  • What’s been happening in the Noritake Fancyware auction market (“Auction Actionâ€?for example track the prices of Noritake on eBay)
  • Articles about specific Noritake types, over the prior three months.

What do I get when I join the NCS?

Noritake News

A year’s membership includes a subscription to the four issues of Noritake News per year, delivered to you by mail.

NCS Convention

You and your family have the opportunity to attend the annual NCS Convention. The convention is a four-day event filled with educational and recreational programs, a full-day live auction, and social events. These events attract collectors and dealers from around the world, and are a must-do for anyone serious about Noritake Fancyware. Remember, you have to be an active member to attend the convention.

Auction and Sales

If you have pieces you wish to sell, you can bring them to the convention and put them up for auction to other NCS members. Members are also welcome to sell Noritake in their hotel suites.

Other Benefits

Other benefits from joining the NCS include access to books typically not available outside their country of publication. In the past, discounts for books about Noritake were offered to NCS members. NCS members arranged a group tour of Japan in 2004 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Noritake Company.

What does it cost to join?

Mr Paisley The annual membership fee is $45.00 US per household, and there is no additional cost for international members. We accept PayPal, personal check and money orders. Full details are on the membership page. There is no better acquisition for your collection than joining the Noritake Collectors Society

Links to External Sites

DISCLAIMER: The sites listed here are informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement by the NCS or the editors of the Noritake News. NCS is not responsible for any comments made on the sites nor any activities carried out by those involved with the sites.

Noritake Dinnerware

Dinnerware falls outside the scope of the interests, knowledge and activities of the NCS. If you have Noritake dinnerware items that you wish to identify, learn more about, find the value of and/or sell, our recommendation is to contact a local antique dealer or go to Replacements.com to find out whether they are interested in purchasing it from you.

Other resources for Noritake Dinnerware are the following books:

  • Noritake Dinnerware: Identification Made Easy by Robin Brewer (September 1999) ISBN: 978-0764309250
  • Noritake : Jewel of the Orient by Dale Frederiksen, Bob Page and Dean Six (Apr 2001), ISBN 978-1889977119
  • Early Noritake China by Early Noritake China: An Identification and Value Guide to Tableware Patterns by Aimee Neff Alden and Marian Kenney Richardson (Mar 1987) ISBN 978-0870694813

To find libraries in your area that might have these books, go to www.worldcat.org, the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.

Interested in Japanese Noritake collectors and collections?

Several NCS members in Japan maintain websites with information and photo galleries showcasing Noritake. Books by these members are referenced under "Books in Japanese" at the "Bibliography" tab on this website.

  • The website of NCS member Takahiro (Kazuo) Morikawa can be found at old-noritake.sakura.ne.jp. Kazuo is also the author of the book on Noritake. His website, much of which has excellent internal English translation, features extensive photographs of Art Deco Noritake.
  • The Gallery Sonorite, of NCS members Kyoko, Kosuke, and Nori Yamaguchi is at galerie-sonorite.com. There are many great photos of the Gallery and of Noritake and Nippon items for sale. Although the site is in Japanese, English speakers can easily navigate the site using the Google translation feature.
  • NCS member Yoshi Itani maintains a website at nippon-porcelain.com. Her website has some internal English, which can be supplemented with Google translation, and contains much information on Japanese art and porcelain. Yoshi is also the author of serveral books on Noritake and Nippon.
  • The website of the Uehonmachi Antique and Craft Mall, run by NCS member Kazukiko Kimura, can be found at antiquemall.jp Along with co-author Kohtaro Aoi, Kazuhiko has written several books on Noritake and other Japanese porcelains from the Art Deco and Mid-century Modern periods. His website has photos of the Mall and items offered there. Although the site is primarily in Japanese, it can be easily navigated by English speakers using Google translation.
  • The Japan Porcelain Society is a group of collectors, including serveral NCS members, of Japanese porcelain from the late 1800s to early 1900s, focusing on "Old Noritake." In addition to information about the Society, their website at japan-porcelain.com has interesting information on Noritake history, backstamps, and other subjects. It is primarily in Japanese, but English speakers can glean much using Google translation.

Interested in Australian collectors and collections of Noritake?

Information on the different line of porcelain marketed by Noritake in Australia in the early 20th century can be found at the website of the Australian Noritake Collectors Guild at noritakecollectorsguild.info. This site is maintained by Karry-Leeanne Fisher, who is also the author of the only book on Noritake in Australia and New Zealand. The website has interesting information on history, backstamps, and porcelain manufacturing.

Other websites with Noritake-related items of interest

Reproductions of original Art Deco Noritake porcelain artwork from a 1930's "salesman's sample book" can be seen at inkinc-us.com/shop, a site maintained by NCS member Thomas Whitridge.

Interested in Nippon Era Porcelains

The International Nippon Collectors Club specializes in Nippon-era (1891-1921) collectibles. You can find them at nipponcollectorsclub.com.